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Landscape Photography: a green portfolio

An Irish in-law recently emailed and asked if I could put together a portfolio of green landscape photography. Having been to Olympic National Park on quite a few occasions I was more than happy to […]

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Metal Printing – Wow!

I’ve been wanting to see what my pictures might look like as metal prints for a long time. When talking to potential bride/grooms about printing and why they want to pick my print shop instead […]

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Road Tripping

Many, but not all, photographers love going on road trips. My favorite road trip destinations are to the nation’s National Parks and other wild places. Balancing my wedding and portrait photography work with venturing into […]

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New idea for the blog

About a week ago I watched a webinar on blogging. Since Marketing and Sales are like foreign languages to my mind, webinars have come to the rescue to help translate the language into something I […]

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My German Shepherd Dog Kate

Before I was a Bend Wedding Photographer I was a newspaper photographer. My first job was with the Telegraph Herald in Dubuque, Iowa. I worked there for three years before moving to Bend in 2000. Before […]

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A misguided trip to Death Valley National Park

People who know me have heard my voice. It’s always hoarse and soft. The reason why are the polyps on my vocal cords. the polyps showed up a couple years after I was injured while […]

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Grand Canyon of the Tuolumne in Yosemite National Park

Sometimes I do pictures nobody but me likes very much. I always love to share the pictures from road trips and there’s always a few pictures nobody likes. These two fell into that category. The […]

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The cliche landscape picture

Every time this Bend Oregon Photographer surfs the web and looks for landscape photography this picture or something very similar to it shows up. (Like the totally shameless link I threw in there?) I know […]

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My crazy tent

I brought my at the time pregnant wife, Mary, to this place to sleep in this tent a almost five years ago now. It was windy and sort of cold at the the approximately 10,000 […]

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More fun with Nik Analog Efex Pro

I would normally never keep or show this picture to anyone because it’s kind of boring. The town had two places of interest. Over the hill to the left you can find the main part […]

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