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Practice with the 85

When working as a wedding photographer, I use two lenses on two bodies. One is the Nikon 35mm f1.4 and the other is the 85mm f1.4. Lately I’ve been thinking of the need for something […]

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Alli And Scott Engagement Photography at Caldera Springs

Alli and Scott live in Eugene and are getting married in Sunriver this summer. So they had a limited amount of time to get their engagement portraits done and could only come to Bend in […]

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Metal Printing – Wow!

I’ve been wanting to see what my pictures might look like as metal prints for a long time. When talking to potential bride/grooms about printing and why they want to pick my print shop instead […]

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Bend Wedding Photography: The bow tie argument

Making the transition from newspaper photographer to wedding photographer looks like it would be easy but really isn’t easy. My thinking always was, “Oh, I’ll take a couple no-credit business plan writing and SEO classes […]

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Bend Photography: Using the Profoto for a freelance job

I try to never put a flash on the camera. The evolution from direct flash on camera when I was first doing pictures in the mid-90’s, to flash bouncing off ceiling or wall from around […]

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My German Shepherd Dog Kate

Before I was a Bend Wedding Photographer I was a newspaper photographer. My first job was with the Telegraph Herald in Dubuque, Iowa. I worked there for three years before moving to Bend in 2000. Before […]

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Central Oregon Portrait Photography: Bailey and Joe revisited with Analog Pro

One reason why I love not being a newspaper photographer anymore is all the fun stuff a person can do in photography these days. I’m loving the ability to create a new look to a […]

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Portraits with Analog Pro

  Long before metamorphosing into a Central Oregon Wedding Photographer I was an award winning newspaper photographer at the Dubuque Telegraph Herald. The TH, as it is called, used to do a series of pictures called […]

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The importance of having a photojournalist do photojournalism style wedding photography

The same photographer, me, shot both these pictures 17 years apart. They both show someone getting a face-full of something. They both caught a split second moment in time. They both used fill flash to […]

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Analog Pro and the Profoto light for a news portrait

Towards the end of my time at the Bend Bulletin I would bring my Profoto light on assignment to both make way better portraits and to get practiced at whipping it out and putting it […]

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