It has been since forever that I’ve made a post to the blog. Need to get more regular. Maybe to start I just do a post on Tuesdays to see if it can become a regular thing and then work up from there.

Anyone who knows how I do photography has seen first hand how I love experimenting with new ideas. My goal, as always, is to improve and be more creative. Being creative and trying new ideas is a big reason why I’m a photographer.

For some reason I can’t quite figure out this year has been a tough year for signing up weddings. I really can’t explain why. Maybe it’s not so important for the wedding photography business to be good at photography as to be good at marketing and selling oneself. One person told me to start paying off the wedding planners and venue operators. I can’t do that because then it becomes like working for organized crime in a way.

Anyway, one idea I’ve been trying out is to modify the pictures with different layering and tinting techniques. It really transforms the pictures into something special. The trouble is it takes a really long time and I would only be able to do this with a couple of the top images from any wedding.

So here’s two copies of the same photo. This first is fairly straight out of the camera. I brightened it a little, adjusted the contrast, and bumped up the sharpening and vivid scales a touch. There’s still a big blob from a dirty sensor right in the middle.

Tracee at Broken Top. Image straight out of camera

Tracee at Broken Top. Image straight out of camera

The photo is of Tracee at Broken Top last summer. It was my favorite photo from the wedding. The just after sunset clouds reflecting on the lake with the parallel shapes in the bank really make it for me. I used the Profoto with the beauty dish and a grid to focus the light right on her top three quarters and let it fall off below.

It’s a nice photo. I gave it an adjustment and sent it off to them. The adjustment looks perfectly fine. It has nice everything. The blob is missing, the contrast, sharpening, white balance, vividness, etc. all look perfectly fine and totally acceptable.

Then this morning, a few minutes ago actually, I tried something new. I won’t say what it was because it gets annoying with people who might be better at marketing themselves copying my photo creativity and coming out ahead. Let’s just say I applied a few different ideas to one photo to enhance and put some shine onto it.

Tracee at Broken Top with some turbo-charging applied to the photo.

Tracee at Broken Top with some turbo-charging applied to the photo.

The difference is astounding! Holy cow. This was my first try at these techniques and this has to go into the website portfolio right now. Doing these changes makes me feel like Mr. Photoshop. The reality, however, is I’m only a photographer and will always be a student of the computer.

Now to revisit a few of my all-time favorite wedding photography images and make some subtle changes. It’s easy to go overboard with these things and so I’ll be taking my time and doing them slowly. When doing too many at once the eye tends to get lazy and the technique sloppy.

So enjoy, and if you feel like contacting me here at my wedding photography website please feel free to do so.