Angel and Alex found me on the Wedding Wire. After upgrading my membership I was wondering if the expense would be worth the effort, and after meeting these two I realized it’s worth every penny. They live over in “The Valley,” as Oregonians put it, which means they live on the rainy side of Oregon. I’ll be driving over to their part of the world in July to shoot their wedding. They drove here for our initial meeting and for our portraits.

Driving here for the likes of me was very flattering. My goal is to give them the best pictures possible. This is my goal for any couple, but for them I really want to dig down deep and pull out something special.

We met at Dillon Falls in February for our portraits. The weather was cold, but not stormy. The clouds were mostly blocking the sun but with my Profoto that doesn’t matter as much.

We made some super pictures they loved. Couples loving their pictures is the biggest reason why I love portrait and wedding photography. If you want to see more, please check out my Central Oregon Wedding Photography website.